Here are the types of content I can help your business create...

Specialities: SaaS, Tech, Business, Digital Marketing and Education

  • Articles and Blog Posts

    Journalistic style articles, with interviews and research. Long form blog posts (2000+ words) that establish you as an authority.

    When you hire me to write articles, I go the extra mile to ensure they are consistent with your overall content strategy and rank high on search engines. Bonus: I also promote posts on my social media pages and provide high-quality images for all my posts.

  • White Papers

    Detailed, explanatory white papers packed with value for your customers.

    Unlike blog posts, white papers are required to be lengthy, well-researched and descriptive, and that’s exactly what you get when you hire me. Establish credibility and become the number source of information for your customers.

  • Case Studies

    Complete with Skype and email interviews with your customers.

    I can help you craft customer success stories with the perfect blend of emotional and practical appeal, that strike a chord with your customers.

  • Newsletters

    E-commerce, curated newsletters, corporate newsletters, email auto-responders.

    I help businesses send newsletters that actually get read, not marked as spam. I am obsessive about open and click-through rates and ensure you accomplish your goal - be it selling, building a relationship with your audience or getting them back to your website or app.

  • Website Copy

    SEO optimized website copy from scratch, website content revamp, and landing page copy

    I offer website copy that wins customers over with its warm and welcoming tone. Explain your product features better so customers can instantly see how they benefit from your product and are eager to find out more.

  • Business Plans

    Detailed business plans that get funding.

    I can help your team create a business plan that makes investors believe in your product. This includes extensive market research as well as interviews with the team to understand and present your idea in the best way possible.

  • E-books

    E-books for lead generation and more. Also offer ghostwriting services.

    If you're looking to create an ebook to boost your personal brand, or as a magnet to generate leads, you've come to the right place. I can help you research the type of content your audience is looking for, and create a high-value ebook they can't resist signing up for.

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