Hi there!

I'm Farheen - your super-optimistic, hyper-organized freelance writer from Mumbai!

As cliched as this sounds, I set out to become a doctor and even took up Biology in high school. Of course, I soon realized that cadavers and patience (pun intended) were not for me and started pursuing freelance writing. A lot of hustle and lot more clients later, I'm happy I made that choice.

I've worked with businesses in various industries, of all shapes and sizes. I've written about real estate, technology, startups, marketing and wedding planning, to name a few topics.

Presently, I work with B2B companies, helping them hone their content strategy. I specialize in writing for and about: SaaS, Digital Marketing, Tech and Education.

If there's a particularly dense and non-glamorous topic that most writers wouldn't want to get their hands on, I'd love to take it up. I revel in learning about new subjects and research happens to be one of my favorite parts about writing.

When not writing, you'll find me scouring the web for interesting links, catching up on fiction and trying new delicacies!

Let’s talk about you now! Are you looking for a better way to communicate with prospects and customers – maybe through a blog, or your website, or an e-book? If so, I’d love to discuss it.

Get in touch with me with your requirements at: farheen@farheengani.com

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